ISO 28001

Many Entities and business partners found in International supply chain which is highly dynamic. This involution is recognized by this standard. If you are looking for ISO 28001 certification services at UAE then contact to Infomatics Consultancy Company. We also deal in ISO 28001 consultancy and auditing services at UAE. ISO 28001 was created to give permission an individual organization in the supply chain to apply its requirements in conformance with the organization’s particular business model and its role and function in the international supply chain. After applying ISO 28001 certification, organization can establishes and document reasonable levels of security within international supply chain and their components. In international supply chain, organization make much better risk based decision. This standard is multifarious and is intended to be in concert with and to complement the World Customs Organization’s Framework of Standards to secure and facilitate global trade (Framework).

To undertake the security assessment needed to produce the security plan, an organization using this standard will

  • identify the threats posed (security threat scenarios);
  • determine how likely persons could progress each of the security threat scenarios identified by the Security Assessment into a security incident

ISO 28001:2007 provides requirements and guidance for organizations in international supply chains to

  • develop and implement supply chain security processes;
  • establish and document a minimum level of security within a supply chain(s) or segment of a supply chain;
  • assist in meeting the applicable authorized economic operator (AEO) criteria set forth in the World Customs Organization Framework of Standards and conforming national supply chain security programmes.

In addition, ISO 28001:2007 establishes certain documentation requirements that would permit verification.

Users of ISO 28001:2007 will
  • define the portion of an international supply chain within which they have established security;
  • conduct security assessments on that portion of the supply chain and develop adequate countermeasures;
  • develop and implement a supply chain security plan;
  • train security personnel in their security related duties.