ISO 14001: Helping communities to save the environment

ISO 14001: Helping communities to save the environment

By kframe
In January 17, 2019

ISO 14001 is considered one of the most well-known and recognized international standard when it comes to environmental management systems. ISO 14001 is used all over the world. ISO 14001 in its nature allow it to be implemented to a wide range of business fields, activities, and scopes. It is considered a truly universal standard, and that is one of its great benefits. It also provides a framework through which an organization can easily deliver improvement in environmental performance aligned with its environmental policy commitments.

ISO 14001 for managing the environment system is process driven approach in order to control the aspects of the business you manage which have a significant and clear impact on the environment around you, this system has proven itself to make the managers and the business owners more aware of the responsibilities related to the environment, which includes and not only, regulatory and legal accountabilities, and in order to be able to control and manage the associated risks. The system can be applied to any business whether it is large, medium or small sized. In order to demonstrate the company’s commitment to a current issue related to the environment locally or nationally, it can help to reduce the waste and carbon footprint significantly which will ultimately lower the environmental liability.

This standard has specific requirements for how to proactively achieve the intended outcomes as mentioned below:

  • Understand and identify the environmental different aspects of its products services, activities, and other related environmental impacts.
  • Understanding of how to manage significant aspects, setting clear objectives to improve environmental performance and implement necessary controls.
  • Managing the obligation to comply with applicable requirements and legal and other stakeholder obligations, and to constantly check the compliance status in real time.
  • Establishing the environmental policy and objectives related to it.
  • Improving the management system Continuously in order to enhance its environmental performance.

ISO 14001 is designed to be harmonized and compatible with ISO 9001, that is why it is considered perfect for integration into existing management processes and systems.

Why is having the certificate good for my business?

There are numerous potential benefits of ISO 14001, but the most clear and tangible ones are that the standard enables your organization to:

  • The ability to operate and build an environmental management system within a well-defined and clear framework, which at the same time is flexible to your own business needs and expectations.
  • Providing a useful tool in order to improve environmental performanc and the means to effectively monitor and measure the performance.
  • In order to facilitate and to drastically reduce pollution, unintended discharges and waste generation to the environment. This includes impacts related to the product, taking into consideration a life cycle perspective.
  • Improving your resource management, including the usage of energy, which also may imply a significant reduction in the cost of running your business.
  • To be able to meet environmental legal compliance and corporate requirements.


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