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IAS Accreditation Overview

By kframe
In January 25, 2019

IAS was originally established to manage all accreditation functions needed to support proper enforcement of building codes.

Effective enforcement of building codes requires critical support services which include: – Testing Laboratories – Inspection Agencies – Fabricators – Product Certification Agency

Technical shortcomings in the process used to qualify these entities could directly affect the safety of structures

IAS has accredited customers in 40 countries

The average estimated time for accreditation for a new applicant is 90-120 days, including the assessment time on-site

IAS accredits laboratories in numerous fields- Here is a sample:

Automotive, Agriculture, Bicycles, Construction Products and Materials, Consumer Packaging, Electrical, Energy, Fertilizers, Fiber Optics, Fire Detection and Protection, Food, Heaters, Medical, Metals, Mining, Petroleum, Soils, Transportation and Water

What is the IAS Accreditation Process?

Laboratory submits application, fees and quality manual for accreditation.

IAS reviews quality manual and schedules assessment.

IAS sends team of assessors to laboratory to assess quality system and technical requirements to ensure it meets the requirements accreditation criteria.

Once a company has proven it meets the requirements, it is issued a Certificate of Accreditation and added to list of IAS-accredited organizations on the IAS web site.

Company maintains its accreditation status through ongoing and periodic assessments performed by IAS.

Laboratories have options to renew their accreditations in 1 year, 2 years and 3 years

Benefits of IAS Laboratory Accreditation

Demonstrates compliance with ISO/IEC Standard 17025.

IAS offers prompt, personal service, including rapid scheduling of assessments to meet the needs of laboratories.

Accreditation serves as an internationally recognized “stamp of approval” for industry and regulators. •

Accreditation increases the recognition and acceptance of test reports across borders


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